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Tansha Vohra

Food. Community. Culture.

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In 2021, I was a resident at the Serendipity Art Foundation’s Food Lab

During my residency, I initiated "Boochi", an interdisciplinary exploration of entomophagy or insect eating in India. The Serendipity Art Foundation's Food Lab is a residency program held over a 3 month period.  The residency follows a hybrid model, being virtual for 3 months with a physical outcome being showcased in early 2022. The Serendipity Art Foundation is an arts and cultural development organisation which aims to promote new cultural partnerships, creative strategies and artistic interventions that are responsive to the social and cultural milieu. 



Boochi at Dubai Expo 

Australia Pavillion, Dubai 

26 February 2022


In the summer of 2020, when India had just entered a state of complete lockdown...

I found wild passionfruit growing with abandon in my neighbourhood and tasted it for the very first time. Was there anything more exquisite? Two months into lockdown, when the rains started, I collected fallen pods of the silk cotton tree and spent hours separating the fibre from seed. I stuffed it into an old t-shirt and made myself a pillow. I have yet to find a more comfortable resting place for my head. 

In collaboration with Science Gallery Bengaluru and Who Feeds BLR, I talk about my experience of foraging in the city I grew up in. Watch the video below.


If you're interested in any of the things I do, reach out and let's talk.

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