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Crafting Sustainable Cities with Permaculture

Understanding the role of permaculture design in urban living

"Indian cities are monumental archives of decades upon decades of bad design, stacked up tall into the sky with people living one on top of each other, as if for good luck. But a city doesn’t have to be a place duelling between a growing population and a finite amount of resources, or one that is riddled with pollution, garbage, chemicals with a side of food, or a lack of any sense of community. While most seem to have accepted this as the norm, a few are seeking solutions to this pervasive urban conundrum in the way of permaculture design."

In this story for Paper Planes Magazine, I speak to permaculture designers in India about designing for the urbanverse, and how to incorporate permaculture into the design of our cities in the future.

To read the story, click here.


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