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I am a food anthropologist in-the-making, writer and researcher who is interested in the intersectionality of food, community and culture and the role these elements play in designing future food systems. I have written for Goya Journal, Mold Magazine, Paper Planes, and Homegrown amongst others. 


I am a certified Permaculture Designer, trying to grow food using resilient and regenerative design systems. I worked at Rosie and Peter’s Food Forest in Goa for a year where I learnt about the importance of soil and the life within it, how to integrate animals into food systems and how to grow food while creating an ecosystem. 


From October of 2019 to March of 2020, I worked on a nano tourism project in Sangti Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. In collaboration with the State government and a local waste management organisation, we organised an event to celebrate the Buddhist New Year festival, that generated money to create a waste management system for the entire village. I was responsible for creating a field guide to Sangti Valley, researching the culture and traditions of the Monpa and for curating a pop-up museum for the Gathering. 


In 2021, I was a resident at the Serendipity Art Foundation’s Food Lab, where I initiated "Boochi" - an interdisciplinary exploration of Entomophagy or insect eating in India. My work was exhibited at the India Art Fair in 2022. 

I am currently doing an MA in Anthropology of Food as SOAS, University of London. 

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I'm Tansha.

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