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Don't Yuck My Yum: Jellied Eels

A pilot episode for a podcast on food and disgust that seeks to ask if we're all buying into more than just our taste buds

As part of an assignment for a podcasting module I took during my MA Anthropology of Food program at SOAS, we were required to create an episode for a podcast absolutely from scratch. In a matter of a month, 5 of us took on the different roles of producer, writer, editor, and researcher, and have created a pilot episode for an idea well in the making!

Part of our research involved going to Billingsgate Market at 4 am to see if we could find anyone who still made and sold jellied eels, and hear what the dish conjures up for them. Barney's Seafood is one of two places left in the entire market that still sells jellied eels, and we were lucky enough to have a chat with one of the most enterprising fish mongers I have met in my life. I made this illustration as a way to remember the tiny details of our interaction, and as a way to capture that moment in my edit of the podcast.

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast!


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