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A Place for Indian Oysters

To say that oysters are a culinary celebration is nothing short of an understatement. These bivalved mollusks are an ingredient revered world over - a true delicacy. While some still stand to gain from its mystical aphrodisiacal properties, others find its taste and texture akin to a gastronomical poem.

The whole world seems to have caught onto this wonder, yet India has kept a safe distance from it. This despitxte its never-ending coastline and an affinity for seafood like none other. When found, it is usually fried or pickled - hardly ever raw, the form in which the oyster is highly considered. What is it about this ingredient that once kept India out and away from what’s under its valves? And is it finding its way into our hearts and mouths all these centuries later?

In this piece, I followed Amrita Gupta's podcast on the Food Radio Project and spoke to Chef Thomas Zacarias of Hunger Inc. to understand where we are with oysters on our plates in India.

To read the story, click here.

Commissioned by: Homegrown

Art by Anjul Dandekar


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